Sunday Salons

Come and talk philosophy!

Love, death, work, money, friendship, truth… At the Looking for Wisdom Sunday Salons, we dive into life's deepest questions.

Join us at 5pm (UK time) on the first Sunday of every month, for a friendly, engaging exploration of the world's philosophies.

What are the Sunday Salons?

A friendly place for discovering philosophy

The Sunday Salons are monthly meetings run by Looking for Wisdom.

Get together with like-minded people. Get to grips with challenging, exciting ideas. And apply insights from philosophy to your everyday life.

Salons run ten times a year, every month except January and July.

  • Friendly guided discussion

  • No prior experience needed

  • Meet your fellow philosophers from across the globe

  • Discover the riches of the world's philosophies

How do the Salons work?

A community dedicated to discovery

Once you sign up, you will receive.

  • A Zoom invite to the Salon

  • Links to suggested reading to discover new ideas and perspectives

  • Questions to reflect on and explore

The suggested reading is friendly and accessible, and easy enough to read in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

Then on the day of the Salon, just log in and join the chat with the rest of the community.

Who's behind the salons?

Dr Will Buckingham & Dr Hannah Stevens

The Sunday Salons are run by Dr Will Buckingham and Dr Hannah Stevens.

Will has a PhD in philosophy. He was contributor to DK's globally bestselling The Philosophy Book, and his most recent book is, Hello, Stranger: How We Find Connection in a Disconnected World (Granta 2021).

Hannah has a PhD in creative writing. She has taught creative writing and creative thinking all around the world. Her most recent book is the short story collection In Their Absence (Roman Books 2021).

December 5th 2021: The Philosophy of Gift-Giving

What does it mean to give? What is generosity? What do the philosophers say about gift-giving? How can we think better about gift-giving? How can we be better at gift-giving? And, most importantly of all, as Christmas approaches, what gift are you going to buy for your uncle Pedro? Join our Sunday Salon to talk about all this and more!

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